White Flyer Introduces New Biodegradable International Target

Flemington, N.J.
White Flyer Targets, a division of Reagent Chemical and Research is proud to announce its introduction of the new White Flyer Biodegradable International Trap and Skeet target to shooters worldwide. Developed in conjunction with the White Flyer Standard AA Biodegradable target, which debuted in 2000 and 2001 respectively, the new White Flyer Bio International target meets the standards established by the International Shooting Sports Federation (ISSF) for worldwide International Shotgun events and the Olympics..

Available in all orange top and orange underside, the Bio International target is identical to its pitch target International counterpart. Developed in the larger configuration (110 mm) than the standard American Clays (108 mm), the Bio International target was developed to meet the rigors of International competitions in trap and skeet. Exacting size and weight standards based on ISSF rules have been adhered to, to ensure excellent flight and breaking characteristics. The same strict performance requirements as our Standard AA targets also go into the manufacture of this new International Bio.

The new International Bio, like our other White Flyer Bio targets, share all the superior flight and breakability characteristics when "smoked." Whereas our standard target "smokes" black when centered, the new Bio, Bio Sporter and the International Bio "smoke" white when centered. Against dark backgrounds like trees, a blue sky, or particularly at night, the International Bio's break is spectacular!

Adding to the superior flight and breakability characteristics of the International Bio is the fact that the target is biodegradable. These targets have been developed to meet the environmental concerns facing gun clubs and shooting facilities of the 21st century, thus helping to assure their continued existence. Like its standard Bio counterpart, the International Bio will biodegrade at least 95% within 2 years depending on rainfall or contact with moisture and the accumulation of bio target pieces in a specific area can affect the pH levels of the soil.

With over 100 years of experience, White Flyer is the best source available for all clay target requirements. Whether it is a skeet, trap, bio or specialty sporting target, White Flyer has it. Our three on-line, state of the art target plants and our nationwide distribution network assure each gun club and facility of first-rate quality and dependable service

For more information about White Flyer targets or its line of biodegraable skeet/trap and sporting targets, please contact us at 1-800-322-7855 or check out on or both of our web sites at www.whiteflyer.com and www.biotarget.com.

Josh Taylor Appointed New White Flyer Target Eastern Regional Sales Manager!

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